2018 Road Trip Agenda

Starting location: Detroit, MI
1st stop (12/24): Nashville, TN
2nd stop (12/25): Dallas, TX
3rd stop (12/26-1/23): Austin, TX
4th stop (1/24-1/26): Terlingua, TX
5th stop (1/27-1/28): Big Bend National Park
6th stop (1/29): Guadalupe Mountains National Park
7th stop (1/30): Carlsbad Caverns National Park
8th stop (1/31-2/7): Santa Fe, NM
9th stop (2/8-2/9): Albuquerque, NM
10th stop (2/10): Petrified Forest National Park
11th stop (2/11): Flagstaff, AZ
12th stop (2/12-2/13): Grand Canyon National Park

13th stop (2/14-2/27): Prescott, AZ
14th stop (2/28-): Phoenix, AZ
15th stop: Coming soon!

***All details of this itinerary are 100,000% subject to change***

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